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BUFFALO Ribeye Steaks & Cowboy Steaks:

Ribeye Steaks & Cowboy Steaks
Cut from the area of the buffalo next to the prime rib, boneless Ribeye steaks and bone-in Cowboy steaks combine the lean, tender texture of a great buffalo steak with the hearty flavor and juiciness of prime rib.

The bone-in Cowboy steak features enhanced flavor from extra moisture along the bone. Lightly marbled, yet still very lean, these popular cuts are ideal for grilling.

Note: the image shown is for our bone-in Cowboy cut – be sure to check your order to ensure correct selection of bone-in Cowboy steak or boneless Ribeye cut.

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Buffalo Ribeye Steak - 10 ounce • $18.99 each


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Buffalo Ribeye Steak - 12 ounce • $22.99 each


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